The relationships we build with our clients is the reason why we have such a strong history. Here are some comments from our clients:

Brian & Katie
Well, Shaw Properties was always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to selling our house. Tommy and Andrea Shaw was very professional during the whole time our house was on the market. Many times they went out of their way in helping me selling my house, Just to list a few things , lighting the gas heater, working with different contractor to fix some of the repairs need to sell my home. Tommy did his part but most of my time we were talking with Andrea, she did a great job in us informed that there is a buyer for your house and don’t give up, it was hard but in the long run. She found a buyer and we are very happy with their service to me and my family.

Thank you for helping me sell my house.

Warren Ward 1SG, USA
I have worked with Shaw Properties now for the past several years to include while out of state trying to locate housing for my family. Since the first time I contacted the Shaw’s my fears and concerns were laid to rest because of their professionalism and deeds above words attitude. I am sure that I am not the only person that finds it difficult to trust someone you have never met face to face and then put faith in these individuals that they will do everything legally and morally in their power to get the job done. I am here to tel you that Shaw Properties are exactly that, Tommy and Andrea Shaw are two outstanding individual who completely care and understand the situation that their clients are dealing with.

My family has purchased two homes and sold a home using Shaw Properties and never lost sleep about whether or not our needs and concerns were going to be met. In my opinion Shaw Properties have several values they hold to a high standard to include; honesty, integrity, loyalty, and commitment. With today’s society being what it is, it is difficult to find individuals that truly believe in what the Shaw’s do and to have them as realtors is a complete blessing. Again, Shaw Properties are the only realtors that I will recommend for any and all of your real estate needs.

Scott & Porntippa Owens
Thank you so much for making selling our home such a wonderful experience. We were concerned that selling in this market would be tough, especially since we are in Missouri and the property was in Texas, but you helped us to navigate through the process, advised and kept us informed every step of the way all the way through to the end. I really appreciate the advice you gave us and the way you handled everything from marketing, negotiating the terms of the sale with the buyer’s agent, and working with the mortgage company to close the property.

You made it especially easy by keeping us informed every step of the way and ensuring we knew how best to position the house in the current market.

Thanks again for everything and when we need a realtor in the Killeen or greater area again we will most definitely ask you to represent us!

Kevin Wimberly
I received your letter and wanted to send a note letting you both know how much I appreciated your hard work and professionalism during the sale of my home. Really was a very smooth transaction on my end and again I am very grateful for professional Realtors like the both of you are. I will definitely do my part in referring Shaw Properties to any and everyone I know in your area.

Thanks again and wishing ya’ll nothing but success in the future!

Ken and Judy Marshall
I am 100% confident in recommending Tommy and Andrea Shaw and Shaw Properties to anyone in need of real estate services. Together Tommy and Andrea are extremely knowledgeable in every area of buying, selling and caring for their clients. They have been blessed with the personality, talents and skills needed.

Selling and buying a new home was an amazing and positive experience. Tommy and Andrea make you feel as you are their only priority, while doing the same for their other clients. Within four days we were singing a contract to sell our house. They devoted an entire day showing us houses we asked to see and ones they had researched and felt would meet our needs. We never felt rushed or pressured in any way. Their commitment was finding us the ‘home’ that was everything we wanted and with location and pricing we needed. Throughout the process they were always available to answer our questions and concerns and were with us step by step.

Recommending Shaw Properties is a privilege. In addition to their professionalism and expertise in real estate, their character and integrity is quickly evident. It was a joy to work with people who are caring, honest and trustworthy. If they said it, we could believe it. This was seen and felt as they did everything possible for us, their clients, while being fair to those involved in buying and selling from us.

Tommy and Andrea, it was great to have you guide us through this exciting process of finding our new home. Thank you and God Bless you as you continue to serve people through Shaw Properties.

Major Dustin and Amy Harris
Our experience working with Shaw Properties was very positive.  Tommy and Andrea Shaw are extremely friendly and professional.  We chose Shaw Properties based on a recommendation from a friend. Everything we were told about them was true.  They arrived at our first meeting very prepared to list and market our house. From that point on they stayed in contact with us and kept us informed about the current housing market. Furthermore, they followed up with every agent that showed our home and gave us feedback from the showings.  The fact that we dealt directly with Tommy and Andrea with no go between staff was a big deal to us. They were easy to contact and always returned our calls or responded to emails in a timely manner.

We moved out of our home and on to Germany before our house sold. The Shaws took great care to ensure our lawn was maintained and our house was secure while it was vacant.  They even oversaw the replacement of the our downstairs flooring that was damaged by the moving company. They went above and beyond to make sure our home was being taken care of while we were overseas.

Once we had an offer on our house, they made the contract process very simple. A 7 hour time difference can be a challenge, but for us it was very easy to obtain the documents, send them back, and get a quick response for the next step.  We closed on our home in 14 days and have them to thank for being so prepared to make the process smooth and simple.  We would certainly recommend Shaw Properties to others.

Thank you, Tommy and Andrea, for everything!

Victor Gates (Buying)
I am in the military, and since arriving here I have heard all of the horror stories of people being on the housing list for up to two years and also of families renting homes way out of their budget and settling for something that does not suit their needs.

My family and I were lucky enough to meet Tommy and Andrea Shaw.

Their professionalism and expertise in the real estate industry benefited us greatly. Not only did they find exactly what we needed but they also found something within our budget in one day.
They carefully explained everything we needed to know about buying a home and also answered any questions that we may have had. They kept us abreast of all situations during the closing stages of our home. Their friendly and courteous service made it a joy To work with them.

I wholeheartedly recommend Shaw Properties to any who are looking to rent, buy, or sell a house in the near future.

To Tommy and Andrea I can’t say thanks enough, you have really made our first time buying a home a pleasant experience.

CPT. Dave & Karen Denney (Selling)
Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Can’t believe less than one month ago, David and I were panicking about whether we would be able to sell our house before we moved to Alaska at the end of May. With no previous experience in selling a home, we decided to call on the experts. Of course being the impatient people that we are, we selfishly asked to meet with you that same evening and surprisingly enough you agreed. That was the smartest thing we could have done. Now, less than one month later, we have that wonderful “Sold” sign in our front Yard. Wow!

You made the whole process so easy, and took care of everything. Both of you take customer service to an entirely new level! We were very pleased with the professional manner in which you guided us through the process of selling our home. Thanks again for all your hard work. Please feel free to use as a reference to any potential sellers you encounter. We will whole-heartedly recommend Shaw Properties.

MAJ Alex and Terri Morales (Buying)
Alex and I cannot thank you enough for helping us find our home. The two of you are the most wonderful real-estate agents possible! When Alex and I first began looking for a home, we contacted other agents about houses and had some fairly negative experiences. We were really nervous about buying our own home and had many insecurities, the lack of trust that we shared about Realtors didn’t help either.

Our experience with Shaw Properties was nothing like our preconceived notions. From the moment we started with you, our concerns were put at ease. We felt that you were trustful, honest, and trustworthy. When we began discussing our price range, you accepted our price and never tried to persuade us to spend more than we could afford. We really liked that you were personable and really cared about our needs. You guys were so patient, driving us all around and then back to some of the same houses and neighborhoods.

My husband and I would recommend Shaw Properties to anyone who was looking for a home and needed quality care from a professional team. Thank you so much for your commitment to families in our community.

MAJ Mike and Lynne True (Selling and Buying)
Tommy and Andrea Shaw and Shaw Properties were absolutely amazing!  I can’t say enough about what a great team they are and how well they took care of me and my family as they assisted us in selling a home and purchasing a new one.
I would recommend them to anyone buying or selling a home, especially if you are in the military and far from Texas.

My family and I were faced with the daunting task of selling a old home in Killeen and purchasing a new home in the central Texas area, all while we were stationed in Hawaii.  Naturally, we were very apprehensive about the prospects of undertaking such an endeavor.  However, we were lucky enough to have Tommy and Andrea recommended to us.  We found their sage advice and constant support very reassuring.  They went above and beyond to assist us in successfully selling our current property in Killeen.  Simultaneously, they helped us find the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood in the perfect town for our family.

Tommy and Andrea dedicated the time to determine our exact needs and wants and took phone calls and answered emails at all hours of the night since we were in a time zone 6 hours behind Texas.  I honestly felt sometimes that we were their only clients, knowing full well that they were not.  They used technology to its fullest and we were able to use photos, videos, websites, and other mediums to become completely comfortable with the houses on our list and make a well-informed decision.  This saved us thousands of dollars in airfare from Hawaii to Texas.  This would not have been possible without their hard work and attention to detail.

I would whole heartedly recommend this dynamic duo to anyone, especially military families.  Thank you Tommy and Andrea!

Louis Lartigue (Selling)
I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Tommy and Andrea Shaw as the Realtors you should entrust with the sale of your home. I want you to be the recipient of their expert and professional service and avoid the experience I had with other “major” realty companies.

I started off trying to sell my home through another local company in Killeen. The entire process was disheartening. The efforts of that office, over a period of 7 months ( of the peak summer season) could not even compare to the attention and effort that the Shaws produced in only 1 month of listing my property.

The Shaws understand the business and the area. More importantly they understand the customers needs and the importance of communication. I was even faced with the circumstance of selling my home while not even being in the state. Tommy and Andrea communicated with me at least twice a week ( often more) and even spent long periods of time working through options with me over the phone. They truly are a family serving your family.

But, the most important reason you should go with Tommy and Andrea is trust. For me it is the most important trait in business and human interaction. They do what they say they are going to do and are personally involved as your agent. Shaw properties produced results for me better and more quickly than nation-wide firms. I went to them on the advice of two other friends of mine who went through the same thing I did; Couldn’t get their home sold until they went to the Shaws, and the Shaws did!

My advice to you is to trust your property with Tommy and Andrea Shaw. You will be glad you did. I stand by their professionalism and abilities, as they stood by me.

David and Pranee Horton (Buying)
Greetings From the Horton home:

There are not enough kind words to express our feelings about the service and support that Tommy and Andrea Shaw provided us during our recent home purchase. These two professional individuals not only provided us customer support, but went to the mat with the builder of our new home, when it was not finished on time. They provided the required interface for us and insured that all paperwork for the contract with the builder, loan, and Title Company was completed with minimal hassle. This allowed us to concentrate on other important matters.

Our experience with the purchase of this home was absolutely effortless compared with three other homes previously owned. We would definitely recommend Tommy and Andrea Shaw to anyone wanting to purchase a home.

Erik and Michelle Taylor (Selling)
Michelle and I wanted to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for all that you have done in selling our house. Words cannot express the feeling you get when you put that signed contract in the mail. The burden that was lifted allowed us to breathe free again and get on with our lives. Your extra efforts made this possible.

If there was one phrase that best described “Shaw Properties” in our eyes it would be “personal attention”. Tommy, you and Andrea obviously went out of your way to keep us informed and give your personal attention to the sense of urgency that Michelle and I had in selling our house. We were different than most sellers in that we had “friends” taking care of business for us– not “agents”. There is a difference and you two demonstrated it.

Although we worried about selling the house at a fair price in such a poor market as Killeen, your professionalism and charisma was a constant reassurance to us that we had chosen the right people for the job. We love you guys for it and won’t forget the competence and concern that you showed us.

Thank you again and God bless you,

Alan & Michelle Palmer (Buying)
Greeting from our happy new home,

Michelle and I are still settling in to our wonderful new home. We are so pleased with this home. It is extraordinary that we were able to get the home we wanted at a price that we could afford. For that, we give all the credit to Shaw Properties. You made the purchase of this home so simple that all you required of us was to tell how much we could pay and you did the rest.

If what I said before oversimplifies the process, it was intentional. Being first time homebuyers Michelle and I did not know what to expect. Each of our friends had a horror story to tell about their experience in buying a home. We fully expected to be able to tell a story of how awful to process was. We can’t tell such a story. You negotiated each item as it came up. What you brought to us was always the answer we had wanted to hear in the first place. We did no haggling, We accepted no compromise offers. Everything you promised was delivered from the percentage points to the carpeting on the floors. When closing day came we knew this was the day that our patience would be tested. How determined were we to make this deal happen? As it turned out, all we did was sign the papers. Every item was exactly as promised. No extra money was ever required. We walked away thinking that something was wrong. Could it possibly already be completed deal?

It was a completed deal, a deal which seems better each day we live in our new home. Thank you Tommy and Andrea Shaw for living up to the promises you made. Countless times we heard you say, don’t worry about it we’ll take care of it. You never let us down. You are exceptional people whom God has blessed with talent an integrity. Integrity is not something easily found these days. May your business multiply and your positive influence on the real estate community spread as you prosper.

Rajesh & Jagruti Patel (Buying & Selling)
Jagu and I would like to thank you again and again for selling our home so quickly. We had our house listed with another company for over 6 months with no results. Previously we had many buyers see our house, however with very little luck in selling the home. After listing with you, our house was sold in less than a month. Because of your personal attention, professionalism, and motivation this was clearly instrumental in closing on our home.

One of the keys to the success in selling our home was your attention to the details and the constant feedback you provided to us. With our previous Real Estate agent we were frustrated of never receiving any feedback from the various showings of our home. One of the main reasons we decided to list with your company was your personal assurance that would not happen. In fact we heard from you so often that it felt like you were part of our family. Another key reason was your ability to negotiate with the Buyer so that we were able to sell the house at our asking price.

We would also like to thank you for your support in helping us through the process of buying a new home. Since this was our first time buying a custom built home, your advice and support was greatly appreciated. By representing us as the Buyer you made the whole process so easy, and took care of everything. We were very pleased with the professional manner in which you guided us through the process in negotiating and coordinating with the builder to build our custom home.

Jagu and I are very happy and pleased that both of you are on our side. It was the best decision we made when we listed with you. We do not know how we would have gotten through selling and buying a home without your support and sound advice. Thanks again for all your hard work.

I highly recommend Shaw Properties to any one that is seeking an honest, hard working, and relentless Real Estate Agent to either sell or buy their home. Your results speak for themselves.

Tammy Estrella (Buying)
For anyone in the market for a new home, please let us recommend Shaw Properties. My husband and I came in from S. Korea in January, 2003 and we had only a few days to find a home. After spending almost three years in the middle of a very busy city in a small housing unit, a home of our own was especially important to us! We happened to stop in a small restaurant when we came into Killeen. There, we met a couple and they recommended Shaw Properties as a realtor. We called them up and a few hours later Tommy met us to assess exactly what we were looking for. The next day, Tommy took us to a wide variety of homes, never running out of patience as we examined each and every aspect of each prospective new home. At the end of the day, I believe Tommy knew exactly what we were looking for just by quietly observing our reactions throughout the day. He led us to the perfect house. In fact, we now live in that perfect house and we are very happy with our choice.

The rest of the story, and the best part of it is, the service did not end with the sale of our home. My husband and I had to leave to go to Alabama for the next two months and we were unable to be in the area for the negotiations and closing procedures. Tommy and Andrea handled everything! I decided to go ahead and come to Texas with our children a few weeks prior to my husband’s arrival and Tommy met me at the house and literally pointed me in the right direction for all of our needs. Professionalism, honesty, integrity, and service. That’s what you’ll get with Shaw Properties!

Scott & Portia Allen (Selling)
I have just returned from Desert Thunder and wanted to thank you for all your efforts on our behalf. Selling a home in Killeen’s saturated market is no small feat, except for you two. Portia and I considered some of the “Big Name” firms when we decided to sell but the local business community recommended Shaw Properties to get the job done. Excellent advice it turned out to be. When you live in Hawaii, it’s tough to be involved so we were totally entrusted to your care. Coordinating and contracting repairs, aggressive marketing and outstanding salesmanship sold our home in the “off season”. That type of effort only comes from people who care. Thank you again for being the right family for our family.

Skylor and Sara Jones (Buying)
Thank you so much for helping us find the perfect home. Skylor and I were so blessed to have you as our real- estate agents! When we first started looking for homes, we thought we could do it all on our own, but we quickly learned how nerve wracking that can be. We became very distraught, thinking it would be impossible for us to find that perfect home for us. Then you two came along.

The very first day that we contacted you, you had our best interests at heart. You listened to what we wanted and what we did not want. You never tried to push us to go for a home we did not feel comfortable with. Within a matter of days we found the place we now call home. Thank you so much for your patience and support. My husband and I would recommend Shaw Properies to any and everyone that wants to be taken care of whether they are buying or selling a home.

Jennifer Roden (Buying)
Tomorrow begins a new adventure and we have the perfect house to begin it in!  🙂  I don’t know how you made it such an easy process, but you did.  Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and eliminating all the houses you knew ahead of time weren’t my match.  After months of looking on my own, I found a home with you in less than 20 minutes.  Wow!  I still can’t believe it happened so quickly and that everything fell into place the way it did.

I also appreciate all the work you did behind the scenes to make sure that I was getting the best deal possible.  I never had to worry about anything because I knew that you had my back!

Instead of finding a realtor, I feel like a found two new friends and I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know.  Thanks again!

Elia Rivera (Buying)
I purchased my home first home approximately five years ago. I remember calling the number for Shaw Properties regarding a home on Dixon Street in Killeen. A lovely person answered, and I proceed to advise it was my first home and was not sure if I would get approved since I would be the only source of income since I live alone for the exception of my four four legged children. The lovely person was Andrea Shaw. Andrea suggested I get pre-approved which I did. I let her know I wanted a small modest home not over 60K. Throughout the whole process from finding a home to the closing and beyond she treated me like I had purchased a 300,000.00 home. I had problems with the flooring due to manufacturing issues. I had been dealing with that company for over a year with no results. I asked for her help. She contacted them and called me back letting me know someone would come by and check it out (that didn’t happen) I had given up. She called me a few weeks later asking if they replaced the floor. I told her they never came. She told me she would call me back and by the next day the flooring company called me to go and pick out a new floor. It was installed and it looks nice. Andrea and Tommy Shaw are the best at what they do and also are beautiful people. I love my home and thank GOD for sending me to them.

Warren Ward (Buying and Selling)
My name is Ron Ward and I am writing this letter on behalf of Shaw Properties.  I have worked with Shaw Properties now for the past several years to include while out of state trying to locate housing for my family.  Since the first time I contacted the Shaw’s my fears and concerns were laid to rest because of their professionalism and deeds above words attitude.  I am sure that I am not the only person that finds it difficult to trust someone you have never met face to face and then put faith in these individuals that they will do everything legally and morally in their power to get the job done.  I am here to tell you that Shaw Properties are exactly that, Tommy and Andrea Shaw are two outstanding individuals who completely care and understand the situation that their clients are dealing with.

My family has purchased two homes and sold a home using Shaw Properties and never lost sleep about whether or not our needs and concerns were going to be met.  In my opinion Shaw Properties have several values they hold to a high standard to include; honesty, integrity, loyalty, and commitment.  With today’s society being what it is, it is difficult to find individuals that truly believe in what the Shaw’s do and to have them as realtors is a complete blessing.  Again, Shaw Properties are the only realtors that I will recommend for any and all of your real estate needs.

James and Sophia Luna (Buying and Selling)
Tommy and Andrea Shaw personify the Golden Rule and epitomize the highest standard of professional conduct and integrity.  During our eleven-year tenure in the Fort Hood/Killeen area (active duty and U.S. Army retired), the Shaws helped our family purchase and eventually sell three separate residential properties.  They educated us and patiently explained every complex detail from start to finish, making the buy/sell process easier to understand.  Tommy and Andrea are not only hard working, professional, and extremely knowledgeable of the real estate market, they are friendly and enjoyable people, with which to associate.  Their relaxed and informal demeanor help make the buy/sell process a pleasurable and less stressful experience.  The Shaws also assist clients by providing extensive lists of vendors, contractors, maintenance personnel, and other points of contact who offer quality service at reasonable prices.  We highly recommend Shaw Properties for all real-estate transactions in Central Texas and the surrounding area.

Sharon and Abraham Martinez (Buying and Selling)
We have known Tommy and Andrea Shaw since 1998 when they helped us buy our first house as a newly married couple.  I was my first time to buy a house, and they made the process so simple and easy.  They really listened to what I wanted and didn’t want, and on our second day of hunting, they found us the perfect house.  I knew even before going inside, that this was our house.  We had to leave Texas in 2002, and put our house on the rental market.  Out tenants moved out in June 2009.  We decided it was probably time to sell the house and contacted the Shaws.  Just so you know how good they are, we closed our house on August 31.  It only took three months even in this depressed market!  Whether you need to buy or sell, I can tell you the Shaws will work hard, if not harder, than anyone you know to make your dreams come true.

Thanks, Andrea and Tommy!  You know, if we ever need a realtor in Texas again, we’ll be calling you!

Craig and Gloria Blakeslee (Selling)
If you are considering purchasing or selling a home this year, I want to encourage you to utilize the wonderful, Shaw Properties team. Tommy and Andrea Shaw have now sold two homes for us, and they accomplished both sales in an amazing manner. Both homes sold within a couple of months of their initial listing date, and we received the appraised asking price in both cases!

Tommy and Andrea demonstrate a level of excellence that greatly blessed us in many ways. First, their communication is unbeatable, keeping us well informed throughout the entire process of selling our homes. Secondly, they know what they are doing! Their high level of professional competence resulted in a very efficient process for me as the seller. Along with this, their attitudes were always very positive and encouraging. With the very challenging housing market that exists today, Shaw Property is finding great success helping many families with their real estate needs!

God bless you as you consider using Shaw Properties.